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The Galactic Federation of Time Travelers - Animated Series

The Galactic Federation of Time Travelers is a zany, satirical, original multi-media franchise based on the adventures of a secret group of Time Travelers here to assist Earth in its evolution towards higher consciousness. Under the leadership of MISCHO, a bizarre, self-described rock-star from Earth 2137, a group of ordinary kids will embark on the adventure of a lifetime.


In a world where nothing is as it seems, our heros must learn to unlock their inner Time Traveler and wield the power of the 5th Dimension to free Earth, and themselves, from the low vibe grips of Dr. Algo.


This Power Rangers meets Dr. Joe Dispenza animated series will serve to inspire its viewers by entertaining and educating about the universal laws of the 5th Dimension.

Limit the Switch
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Animated Series

Meet Limit the Switch, a happy-go-lucky component from the microscopic Circuit Board City, an exciting, colorful, and crazy caricature of a contemporary metropolis. Circuit Board city is a place where it’s very important to be plugged in. 


Limit and his friends Buzzy the Spark, Freckles the Capacitor and Ralph the Switch spend their days goofing around and getting into trouble, until one day changes their lives forever.


One seemingly normal day, a wild lightning storm blasts into the friends’ place and unplugs them from Circuit Board City’s grid. Scared and anxious to get plugged back in, Limit and his friends realize they now see Circuit Board City with different eyes. This sends them on the mission of a lifetime to discover the secrets of Circuit Board City. 


Limit the Switch is a “SpongeBob Squarepants” meets “The Matrix” animated series for kids.

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Alt-Rock Music from the 5th Dimension

What better way to spread good vibrations than with music? When done authentically, music is the purest output of the human soul.


MISCHO music is alt-rock intended to positively influence the subconscious minds of listeners. The simple, repetitive and hopeful lyrics wrapped into tightly produced bangers has struck a chord with an ever growing international fanbase known as the “Time Travelers.”


MISCHO is the alter ego of Mic Manaras, a lifelong songwriter and entrepreneur who sold everything in 2019 to devote his life to combining art, vibes and business.


Connected to the Galactic Federation of Time Travelers (GFTT), the MISCHO character is a fun hallucination of Mic’s view of the world.


Ok, Boomer

A Baby Boomer takes on the New World Order - Movie Script

In a script penned by writing partners Dan Greaney (The Simpsons) and Jeff Poliquin (Disney’s Big Hero 6: The Series) based on a story by Time Travel’s Mic and Andy Manaras, a Baby Boomer and his Millennial boss must set their differences aside in order to save LA from a tech CEO with a diabolical scheme.


Meet Gerry (AKA Boomer), an under-appreciated middle aged white guy who’s the last of his kind at a company that’s gone from brick and mortar to digital.


When Gerry’s younger Millennial boss, Curtis, suggests he take a day off for self-care, a natural disaster strikes and sets them on an unbelievable journey of epic proportion.


Gerry and Curtis must set their differences aside, and with the rag tag crew they assemble along the way, must work together to save the day against an Elon Musk-type villain connected to Boomer’s military past.


“Ok, Boomer” is an over-the-top feel good action comedy about the generational divide; but on steroids. The timely Boomer and Millennial meme is taken to absurd heights by merging the worlds of office squabbles, Silicon Valley gurus, the LA homeless scene and sci-fi conspiracy.

Ok, Boomer
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